Recent Projects

Christian Filipina

Founded in 2009, more than 200,000 men and women have joined CF, the most trusted site for singles in Asia.

Dream Filipina

In pre-release, Dream Filipina offers a complete step-by-step system for men to find and meet their Dream Filipina. Features online lessons and interviews.

Global Fiance

Global Fiance Incorporated, a Hawaii Company, is owned by Peter and Milyn Christopher. It is the parent company of Christian Filipina, Dream Filipina, Premium International Dating, and publisher of How to Meet, Date, and Marry Your Filipina Wife.

Premium International Dating

Introduced in 2013, Premium International Dating offers three levels of Executive Matchmaking services to singles who seek the top level of collaboration.

Honest Dating Sites

Formed in 2013, the International Alliance for Honest Dating Sites exposes and fights fraud in the dating industry.